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100% ethical and interest-free LOANS and WEALTH MANAGEMENT

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An ethical non-interest finance platform for all, anywhere in the world

A multi-currency e-wallet that allows you to get Mudarabah financing, virtual debit cards, personal/business bill payments and acceptance.

eTijar helps you to exchange, spend and send money at the best possible rates. Build an asset portfolio for your future income with selected shariah-compliant equities and index funds.


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SME Financing

Get working capital, or asset finance hassle-free using Mudarabah.


Save for the future and earn a return on your savings.

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Payment collection with ease, with the free invoicing application right in your dashboard.

Make Payments

Make payments to your suppliers, or anyone from your account.

Shariah Compliant Portfolio Investments

Invest in shariah acceptable equities and fully-diversified portfolios of low-cost Halal index funds.